For every application the right technique

For every application and process step, we offer the suitable components. The graphic shows a small extract from the typical examples.

Unwinding from the shaft

Unwinding from the shaft multiple

Feed of boards from the stack

Cross cutting

Longitudinal cutting

Format / Cross and longitudinal cutting

Stacking / Sorting



Our scope ranges from single components to custom-made production installation.

  • For many different materials
  • A wide shaft cut into small shafts, exploid or strips
  • For longitudinal cutting or trimming from the shaft and from the big format
  • After the extruder or calender, in strips or webs
  • Working synchronously in online operation or stand alone
  • Custom-made for your individual application
  • Flying blades
  • Board partitioning machines
  • Winding systems
  • Core cutting machines
  • Coating and laminating systems