Friction winding shafts

Optimal shaft quality by individual winding speed

The problem

Foils, laminates and many other materials are not homogeneous in thickness. Besides inner tension is released during processing, which results in different lengths during rewinding. Each roll has its own web tension and diameter during the winding process which can lead to cores that are too tight. In the worst case, the web can be torn apart. Or, the web can form a slack due to the different lengths and the winding quality would not be optimal. In some cases, this would even make a new rewinding impossible. Wastage and higher costs are the consequences!

The solution

The patented Friction windingshafts from ROBUST, with which rolls of many different materials like plastic, paper or laminate, different diameters and variable widths can be winded reliably and in high quality.

Advatages for your production:

Higher productivity

  • Short set-up times
  • Less standstills
  • Reliable processing of different widths and diameter in one production step

Higher quality

  • Perfectly winded rolls
  • Constant winding quality
  • Practically no scrap

Better handling

  • Easy fitting of sleeves and removal of the finished roll
  • Easy modification and retrofitting also of atready existing machines
ROBUST friction winding shafts provide optimally winded rolls – all-purpose. Thanks to the specifically even web tension also of different rolls, a constant winding quality of all rolls is guaranteed

With ROBUST friction winding shafts also "old" machines yield „new“ results.